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Masik Shivaratri

The unfathomable faith in the existence of the power of the God of all Gods, Lord Shiva is extraordinarily prolific. It is believed by Hindu devotees that Shivaratri is one such occasion which purifies ones soul, mind and body. Most of us are not aware of the fact that Shivaratri is not observed only once in a year, rather it falls on every month of the year on different dates and it is called Masik Shivaratri.

On the day of Shivaratri, Shakti and Shiva converse together and create a tremendous power of love and peace. Masik Shivaratri occurs on the Chaturdashi Tithi of each month during Krishna paksha. And the Shivaratri that occurs in the Magha month of the year is called Maha Shivaratri which is in accordance with the Amavasyant School. On the other hand Maha Shivaratri occurs in the month of Phalgun as per the Purnimant School.

Here is the list of dates and timing of puja of Masik Shivaratri in 2018:

1 15th January Monday Masik Shivaratri 24:03+ to 24:57+
2 13th February Tuesday Maha Shivaratri 24:09+ to 25:01+
3 15th March Thursday Maha Shivaratri 24:05+ to 24:53+
4 14th April Saturday Maha Shivaratri 23:58 to 24:43+
5 13th May Sunday Maha Shivaratri 23:56 to 24:38+
6 12th June Tuesday Maha Shivaratri 24:00+ to 24:41+
7 11th July Wednesday Maha Shivaratri 24:06+ to 24:47+
8 9th August Thursday Maha Shivaratri 24:05+ to 24:48+
9 8th September Saturday Maha Shivaratri 23:55 to 24:42+
10 7th October Sunday Maha Shivaratri 23:44 to 24:33+
11 5th November Monday Maha Shivaratri 23:46 to 24:31+
12 5th December Wednesday Maha Shivaratri 23:44 to 24:39+

Reason Behind Shivaratri Celebration

Shivaratri is a pious festival of Hindus which is celebrated to give honour to Lord Shiva and his perennial power. According to Hindu scriptures and tests during the time of Samundra Manthan, a pot full of poison came out of the ocean which terrified all the demons and even the Gods. People at that time believed that the poison pot will destroy the earth and so they were very much afraid. And nobody nut Lord Shiva could only be trusted to help in the situation. Turning out to be a saviour Lord Shiva came forward and listened to the plea of the people. Consequently he drank the pot of poison and kept it in his throat and did not swallow it. This is the reason he is also referred to as Neelkanth as the poison had turned his throat blue. And to celebrate his extraordinary power to save the earth, we celebrate Shivaratri. It is one of the reasons, while there are many more.

Benefits of Shivaratri Vrat

There are uncountable and matchless benefits of observing Masik Shivaratri. Some of them may include healing health related issues, unlimited happiness, love, career advancement, getting read of enemies, getting strength to fight against various fears and phobias and many alike.

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