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Kotilingeshwara Temple

Kotilingeshwara Temple

The temple named as Kotilingeshwar temple is located in the Kolar district which is a part of the state of Karnataka of India. The temple is dedicated to celebrating Lord Shiva and is supposed to feature one of the most gigantic Shiva Lingam which is supposed to be of the size of 33m or 108 ft. It also has a tall statue of Nandi measuring 11m or 35 ft and is build in such a way that it is surrounded all over by small lingams covering an area of 61000 m square or 15 acres. The statue of Nandi is built over a platform which is 40 feet in width, 4ft in width and 60 ft in length. The premise of the temple has eleven other temples featuring various deities and also there is a water tank near the Lingam for the devotees where they can perform Abhisheka. The temple has been named so, because the founder of the temple, Sambha Shiva Murthy built it with the desire of putting in 1 Crore Lingam. In the name Kotilingeshwara, Koti is referred to as Crore. The temple premises also have a meditation hall, marriage hall, exhibition canter and a rest house.


In the year 1980, the Kotilingeshwara temple has been constructed by Swami Shiva Murthy and in the same year first Linga was installed in the trample premises. The various deities within the temple within the premise are that Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshawra temple. The temple also consists of small temples within the premises of that of Goddess Annapoorneshwari, Lord PanchaGanapathy temple, Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshamana temple, Lord Pandurangaswamy temple and many others. The templ4e has been declared by the Government as a tourist spot so that people can come and take the reverence of Lord Shiva Lingam. At the temple there are also two flower trees which are referred to as Cannon Ball and Nagalinga and it is believed to bless the unmarried woman with a happy and a married life. During Maha Shivaratri the temple remains crowded with flock of devotees.


Every day the priests at the temple worship all the installed Lingas and music and drum is played in the background and some of the famous and revered mantras are recited by the priests of the temple and offer special pooja by pouring water on to the Lingam and by installing new Lingas. Devotees can install Lingas as per the date chosen by them.


The best time to visit the temple is during January and July and a large number of devotees from across the country come here to take the blessing of Lord Shiva.


Nearest Road - From Bangalore, Kolar where the temple is located is at a distance of 2.5 kms and those who want to travel to the temple via the road route.

Nearest Railway Station – The temple is well-connected with the rail line Network in Hassan, Hubli, Kolar, Mangalore and Bangalore.

By Air – The most convenient and the nearest airport to from Kolar is in Bangalore form where cab facilities and public transportation is easily available.


6:00 AM- 9:00PM


Per Person- Rs 20


The minimum charge to install a Linga here at the temple is Rs 6000.



Kodilingam Temple Road, Ghattakamadenahalli, Kolar-563121


Besides, featuring rest rooms for pilgrims at the temple premises, there is also the provision for mass marriage which is performed every year at the temple. The priests at the temple, help in performing the mass marriage at the temple and presently, around marriages are organized at the temple. For those who come here in the search of peace can mediate for acquiring peace at the temple meditation centre which has been exclusively built for devotees.

Come here at this serene place full of bliss and divinity and free yourself from all the pain of life!

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